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Chef Jiří Krulich together with David Jeništa prepared a menu inspired by the cuisine of Austria-Hungary and the First Republic. In a modern sense, they also return to traditional ingredients, such as offal and other delicacies. Come to us from may to taste the new menu. We look forward to your visit.


Special menu

Special menu


Special menu



Avocado asparagus tartare, marinated beets, goat cheese mousse

245 CZK

Squid carpaccio, pomegranate, orange grapefruit, miso mayonnaise

250 CZK

Glazed veal thymus, grilled apples and onions, horseradish aioli

290 CZK



Asparagus cream from white and watered asparagus, eggs 74 ° C, bread chips

180 CZK



Caponata and fresh cheese salad, cherry tomatoes, olive powder, basil, dark balsamic caviar

280 CZK


Main dish

Grilled duck breast, cauliflower puree, broccoli, figs, smoked demi-glace with raisins

310 CZK

Lamb knuckle in wine, butter mashed potatoes, mushroom ragout, bacon and root vegetables

390 CZK

Homemade ravioli with shrimp, tomatoes, cottage cheese and peas, shrimp velouté

420 CZK

Cod on butter, celery, carrots, potatoes, black olives, capers

490 CZK

Veal Picanha, confit grenaille, buttermilk, oyster mushroom, pea pods

780 CZK



Semifredo of elderberry, strawberry, blueberry

180 CZK

Semolina, apples, raspberries, cinnamon cocoa

180 CZK





Wine List

Wine List

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