Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese, ruccola and roasted pine seeds 195 Kč
Smoked salmon tartar with dijon mayonnaise, quail egg prepared at 63° and salmon caviar
295 Kč
Steamed garden snails in spicy root vegetables with tomatoes and white wine, thickened with sourdough bread 
295 Kč
  Grilled goose foie gras on gingerbread toast with gingerbread sauce and apples Granny Smith marinated in saffron 485 Kč
  Strong beef broth „VEVERKA“ with meat dumplings, beef, crepe noodles and julliene vegetables 135 Kč

Main courses

Homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with grilled broccoli, cauliflower, and truffle oil
385 Kč
Grilled tiger shrimp with thai mango sauce and chilli with sepia risotto
485 Kč
  Roasted duck breast with acacia honey and white truffle, sauce of fortified Merlot, red sour cabbage with cranberries, roasted celery and a purée of red cabbag 485 Kč
  Pork belly prepared sous-vide with orange carrot purée and roasted kale, strong pork jus 445 Kč
  Grilled beef sirloin steak with mountain tasmanian pepper sauce, onion quiche and kenyan green beans on herb butter 625 Kč
  Slow-cooked lamb shank for 12 hours with parsnip purée, confited garlic and spinach, lamb glacé 545 Kč


  Flamed „Crêpes Suzette“ with orange juice, caramel and Grand Marnierre liquor, served with walnut ice cream and roasted hazelnuts 295 Kč
  Hot fig flan with sugarcane caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream 175 Kč
  Nougat chocolate cake with thai mango jelly, espuma and spongecake pistachio 175 Kč
  Puff apple tart with cinnamon and streusel, served with homemade marzipan ice cream 175 Kč 
  Handmade chocolate pralines 215 Kč 
  Selection of cheeses with nuts and home-made marmelade 275 K

Season – Spring menu 

  Tartar from smoked salmon with Dijon mayonnaise, quail egg and salmon caviar 295 Kč
  Half a dozen gratinated snails in garlic butter with Pernod and herb baguette 295 Kč
  Fine asparagus cream, farm chicken roll with homemade bacon and herbs, fresh cream and extra virgin olive oil with black truffle 245 Kč
Baked fish fillet according to current offer, prepared on orange pepper with creamy asparagus risotto and choron sauce
485 Kč
 200g Grilled lamb tenderloin and confit leg, pea puree and stuffing of bear garlic, strong lamb jus 485 Kč
  Rhubarb crumble, sour cream, rhubarb – strawberry sorbet, meringue pastry and strawberry coulis 188 Kč



Chef Dušan Svododa with his team wish you Bon appetit