Winter menu

 70g Terrine of Foie Gras, sea buckthorn jelly, salad with mustard dressing and walnut wafer 445 Kč
 6pc Gratinated snails in garlic butter with Pernod and herb baguette 265 Kč
Pastinian velouté with confetted pheasant breasts and fried Blaťácké zlato
295 Kč
 200g Grilled fish fillet according to current menu served with mushrooms and boiled barley, chips and foam of Parma ham 485 Kč
 150g Stewed leg of fallow deer with a creamy sauce, gingerbread dumplings, roasted ham, root vegetables and cranberries 485 Kč
  Chocolate pear slice, lukewarm chocolate cake with cardamom, pear jelly, sour cream, raspberry reduction with hibiscus and sorbet from black beer 195 Kč

6 courses 920,-
5 courses 830,-
4 courses 740,-


The chef and pastry chef Dušan Svoboda and Václav Krejčík with collective wish you good appetite.