Summer in Restaurant Parnas

  Cold radish cream with sour cream and smoked trout 245 Kč
  Beef tenderloin tartar with truffle oil, caper tapenade and marinated shallot, crunchy garlic baguette 295 Kč
Half a dozen gratinated snails in garlic butter with Pernod and herb baguette
295 Kč
 200g Fish fillet according to current menu baked in papillo with Mediterranean vegetables, Dutch espuma and fresh pasta in herb butter 485 Kč
 250 g Roasted baby chicken on thyme with shimeji mushrooms, peanut sauce
and roasted potatoes with chives
485 Kč
  Lemon cut with sea buckthorn cream, pink grape jelly, meringue kisses, lime puree and aca sorbet 188 Kč

6 courses 920,-

5 courses 830,-

4 courses 740,-

The chef and pastry chef Dušan Svoboda and Václav Krejčík with collective wish you good appetite.