A Continuing Tradition

The Story
of Parnas

In Parnas different worlds have always come together; artists met intellectuals, bohemians rubbed shoulders with those from the world of politics while the establishment caught up with the underground. Czech bohemians have shaken hands here ever since the year 1902, when Parnas was a part of the Velka Slavie cafe. It has, since becoming a restaurant in 1932, hosted numerous receptions for governments across Europe.

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Interiér restaurace Parnas
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Naše menu

Klasická české kuchyně, jak ji neznáte


Our chef Jiří Krulich and David Jeništa have created a menu inspired by the First Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They go back to traditional ingredients, such as offal, while using modern techniques and concepts.

We offer a weekly business menu too.

Show Menu

life’s milestones

Exceptional events deserve an exceptional environment! A restaurant with a romantic view of Prague, a unique interior and a location in the centre of the city just walking distance from some of Prague’s most celebrated sites such as Charles Bridge and the National Theatre.

We would be honoured to be a part of such important events in life as graduation, birthdays, a proposal of marriage and wedding receptions.

Svatební hostina


Firemní akce

Corporate events
and meetings

We guarantee a flexible approach and the of organising a variety of events; from corporate parties, lectures, team-building, press conferences and business meetings celebrating the company’s anniversary. We will prepare a tailor-made experience for you: banquets, tasting dinner with wine pairing, group menus and cocktail parties.

The National Theatre
& restaurant Parnas

The Parnas restaurant has always had a connection with culture. Treat yourself to a complete experience and enjoy dinner at Parnas on the day of a performance taking place on any of the stages at the National Theatre with a discount of 15% (upon submission of a valid ticket)

Národní divadlo

Covid Free Parnas

Our CoVid-free

We care very much for your comfort in these difficult times. To that effect we have teamed up with the well-known and respected etiquette connoisseur Ladislav Spaček to develop a protocol that optimises both your comfort and safety.

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